Guitar of Hope: Victor Hara

Victor Jara is a poet who says, “My guitar is neither the property of the rich nor their stooges”… The Chilean poet Jara sang his songs for the working class, for a world without exploitation. On September 11, 1973, a military fascist coup took place in Chile and five days later they cut him off from life.


Döhler, Bel Karper, Cargill, CPS Otomotiv, Sinbo, Migros Depo… Workers in struggle from across Turkey have come to meet by the call from Tekgıda-İş. The protest rally took place in front of Döhler headquarters at Ritim Towers in Maltepe, Istanbul. Fighting against same problems all across Turkey, workers get stronger thanks to solidarity.

Metal Workers Will Not Forget This Atrocity!

Many workers in Systemair HSK, Baldur Süspansiyon, Özer Elektrik were fired or put on non-paid leave on account of unionising. They have been picketing in protest in front of their factories. As part of their struggle they decided to start a march to Ankara in the leadership of their union, United Metal Workers Union, to make their voice heard.

The Other Side of Unjust Wars: Refugees

The ongoing imperialist war in the Middle East is taking lives of tens of thousands of people. And hundreds of thousands of people have to take to the tough roads of migration to survive. Prejudice against immigrants, derogatory language and humiliating conduct is to fall into the trap of capitalist rulers.

DİSK 16th Congress: 45 Unions From 5 Continents

The 16th congress of DİSK was held at the Haliç Congress Hall. The watchword of the congress is “DİSK of 2020s, Turkey of Labour!” 45 unions from 5 continents attended the congress.

500 days in Cargill Strike

Days, weeks, months, seasons have passed… 500 days of picketing and rightful struggle! Cargill workers were laid off because of getting unionized under Tekgıda-İş. They did not bend the knee and started their struggle against this injustice and unlawfulness.

Ruhi SU: Melodic Soul of the Oppressed

Ruhi Su was born into a world of turmoil. He became part of the ages-long chain of those rebellious poets. He joined the ranks of the working class and the exploited. Sufferings of society he witnessed during his lifetime, its joys, rages, rebellions and epics found their expression in his songs. With great respect we commemorate the great master in the anniversary of his passing away.

Flormar Resistance: Solidarity will Bring Victory

Flormar Resistance is on its 24th day. The number of fired workers has reached 120. The solidarity with the resisting workers is growing with each day passing. The boss surrounded the factory with wire fence. Now, in his attempt to stifle the resistance, he had buses parked in front of the gate. But the workers do not give up and the struggle grows.

Cargill Workers March for their Union Rights!

The Cargill workers were sacked on account of getting unionised in Tek Gıda-İş and to protest this they marched on foot from Bursa to Istanbul. On the 154th day of their struggle, they arrived to Gebze and were met by Flormar workers. The workers shouted slogans all together.

A United and Massive May Day in Istanbul

May Day, the day of international unity, struggle and solidarity of the working class, was celebrated in many cities and towns across Turkey. The rally in Istanbul Maltepe Square was the centre of attention. After many years in Istanbul, the capital of Turkish working class, a united, massive, mighty, hopeful and enthusiastic rally was held.


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