International Solidarity with the DHL Express Strike

On 29 March ITF and ETF union officials visited striking DHL Express workers. Solidarity slogans were chanted together with DHL Express Workers.

World War One: Deceived Masses

When World War One broke out, Britain, France and Russia stood on the one side, while Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Ottoman Empire stood on the other.

Kemal Türkler: A Militant Leader in the Class Struggle in Turkey

Türkler devoted his life to the organising of the working class and to the fight for a just and humane world. His life was filled with strikes, wildcat strikes, struggles and sacrifices.

International Solidarity for TÜMTİS’ Struggle at DHL Express

It has been 53 days since DHL Express workers who were dismissed because of becoming TÜMTİS members started picketing.

May Day in Turkey

May Day, the day of International Unity, Struggle and Solidarity of the working class, had not been celebrated for many years in Turkey.

From the Past to the Future: Celebrating 10th Anniversary of UID-DER’s Founding

UID-DER celebrated 10th anniversary of its founding with an event.

The Other Side of Unjust Wars: Refugees

The ongoing imperialist war in the Middle East is taking lives of tens of thousands of people. And hundreds of thousands of people have to take to the tough roads of migration to survive.

From Hitler to Trump and Putin... Masses Floundering In Despair

Humanity is once again passing through a period of great turmoil. There is a decline in standards of living everywhere, while social unrest and anxiety about the future are on the rise.

What is Dayanışma TV for?

Dayanışma TV proclaims to be the voice of workers and the oppressed waging struggle for a classless world and against imperialist wars, joblessness and poverty.